Martin’s Point Health Care is a unique organization. A progressive nonprofit, it offers both clinical patient care and individual health plans. By serving patients and health plan members, Martin’s Point has gained insights that help it to improve the healthcare system. It has seven healthcare centers offering primary and specialty care, with more than 70 healthcare providers in Maine and New Hampshire. It also administers Generations Advantage – the largest Medicare Advantage plan in Maine and select New Hampshire counties - and the US Family Health Plan – a TRICARE plan for military families and military retirees in several states.

“In total, we care for nearly 145,000 individuals as either a primary care provider, health plan or both,” says Larry Henry, chief operating officer. 

Care and Protection

On the care delivery side, Martin’s Point exists in an area where most care delivery is owned by hospital-affiliated systems. It is one of only a handful of independent primary care groups in Maine. Martin’s Point provides primary care services at all of its centers with specialty care at select locations. “At the heart of our healthcare services is the importance of primary care,” Henry says. “We select specialties that complement primary care, and we hire specialists that are well-respected among their peers.”

On the insurance side, Martin’s Point has been offering individual government-sponsored health plans for 20 years. Its Generations Advantage has been the only Medicare Advantage plan in Maine and New Hampshire to earn a five-star quality rating from Medicare, and one of only a handful of plans nationally that has achieved five stars multiple times in the last five years. Additionally, the Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan HMO offered in Maine was ranked ninth out of 507 commercial plans evaluated nationwide according to NCQA’s Private Health Insurance Plan Rankings, receiving the highest possible rating for customer experience and treatment. 

All-Around Efforts

Martin’s Point has been looking to make strategic investments. It has been building new, state-of-the-art healthcare centers and recently launched a new, specialized Medicare chronic Special Needs Plan – Focus DC – designed for diabetic Medicare beneficiaries. Martin’s Point is also striving to be more connected to the care community around it. 

Additionally, it is keeping tabs on trends such as consolidation. “When you combine consolidation among insurers with the trend of national retailers offering some healthcare services, the whole paradigm of delivery and insurance turns ever more to a for-profit one,” Henry says. “We don’t necessarily think that’s in our community’s best interest.”

Martin’s Point believes that every interaction with members and patients matters. It is focusing on improving operations and ensuring that its relationships are strong, using lean methodologies to identify those processes that can be improved for its customers and the efficiency of the organization while still focusing on high quality care and service. Other market dynamics include the aging population, the disintermediation of primary care and uncertainty around healthcare spending. Martin’s Point is focused on remaining constant in its purpose and serving the community.

“Our vision is to be an organization that is trusted for the care we provide,” Henry says.  

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