As a full-service long-term care pharmacy, United RX prides itself on being customer-centric and innovative with a dedicated team that cares about its patients. United RX provides services to more than 80 skilled nursing facilities, assisted-living communities, developmentally disabled facilities and youth homes, so assembling the right team of people is key for the company’s continued success.  

“We want someone who is eager to work, who has good verbal skills, has basic math skills and comes across in a professional manner and can communicate a yearning for this job,” says COO Chuck Benain, RPh. “I need motivated people because I’ve had a lot of people in my career seem motivated during the hiring process and once they get hired they fall into a rut and lose the same interest for the job.” 

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Student learning is at the core of Palmer College of Chiropractic’s mission and the main focus of Dr. Dennis Marchiori since he became chancellor in 2009. As the college developed new initiatives to improve student learning and strengthen the organization, it also began to focus on public perceptions of the  profession.

To develop initiatives and ensure those could be attained, the first objective was to strengthen Palmer College of Chiropractic as an organization. “One mentor told me at the time, ‘no margin no mission,’” Marchiori says. “If you don’t take care of the organization and make sure it’s as strong as it can be, especially fiscally, you can have the most aspirational mission and vision, and you won’t reach it.” 

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Serving communities in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois for more than 130 years, Mercy Health System has witnessed a lot of changes in the healthcare industry. President and CEO Javon Bea says the organization continues to stand at the forefront of the industry by ensuring that its hospitals and other healthcare facilities and services navigate the waters of the ever-changing industry and provide the best possible care to the communities it serves.

 Bea’s compass has long been pointing in the right direction. As Mercy’s president and CEO for over 25 years, Bea has overseen the company’s incredible transformation from a single stand-alone hospital location averaging 89,000 patients a year to the extensive modern healthcare network it is today. In addition, he has over 20 years of consulting experience helping healthcare organizations develop physician/hospital partnerships.  

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Martin’s Point Health Care is a unique organization. A progressive nonprofit, it offers both clinical patient care and individual health plans. By serving patients and health plan members, Martin’s Point has gained insights that help it to improve the healthcare system. It has seven healthcare centers offering primary and specialty care, with more than 70 healthcare providers in Maine and New Hampshire. It also administers Generations Advantage – the largest Medicare Advantage plan in Maine and select New Hampshire counties - and the US Family Health Plan – a TRICARE plan for military families and military retirees in several states.

“In total, we care for nearly 145,000 individuals as either a primary care provider, health plan or both,” says Larry Henry, chief operating officer. 

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Some people think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Illinois Valley Community Hospital (IVCH) – which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014 – is acting more like the top dog at the racetrack. It’s offering healthcare at the local Walmart and at its storefront Care Today, along with planning to demolish older sections of its facility to improve patient access.

“In 2010, we partnered with a company to put in a retail clinic at a local Walmart Supercenter,” CEO Tommy Hobbs recalls. “We thought it was important to create a different, more affordable scope of care at the retail clinic. We also figured that would reduce that level of need from going to our emergency room.”

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The Biblical parable of the Good Samaritan tells of a man who is beaten, stripped of his clothes and left for dead in the middle of a road by robbers. A priest and another man see the man and pass him by, while a third man, from the ancient Israeli city of Samaria, cares for him by treating his wounds and ultimately taking him to an inn. 

The message of the parable – a lesson in how others should be treated – is taken to heart every day by a community hospital in Vincennes, Ind., that shares its name. “We want to take care of everyone, regardless of their ability to pay or their socioeconomic background,” President and CEO Rob McLin says. “We are constantly focused on doing the right thing.”

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Established in 1964, Dallas Medical Center provides a continuum of care based on the core values of compassion, quality and cost-effectiveness. Dallas Medical Center and its medical staff provide community-based inpatient and outpatient care for its Farmers Branch campus and physician practices throughout the area. As partners in the practice of medicine, the goal is to continually anticipate community health needs and to respond with services that its community wants and deserves.

“We strive as a team to give our patients the best hospital experience possible through continuous employee training and education combined with a solid belief and application of our core values,” says Marcia Patterson, CNO, RN.

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From Roger McCullough’s early days working at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Medical Center, he knew of the important work being done at nearby Cooper Green Mercy Hospital. In the 1970s, Roger McCullough audited a cancer information specialist, a position that provides resources to families and individuals to help them take care of cancer patients. 

As he shadowed one of the specialists, McCullough met a 21-year-old man diagnosed with cancer. With no job, no insurance, and a home address outside Jefferson County, the man had nowhere to go for healthcare.

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