Intermedix is a technology and services solutions provider that has supported and connected healthcare providers, public health agencies and emergency management personnel for more than 35 years. Intermedix serves more than 15,000 healthcare providers with practice management, revenue cycle management and technology solutions. 

CEO Joel Portice has worked in data analytics and the software space – particularly the healthcare and insurance-related software world – for a couple of decades. Portice was recruited to Intermedix in February 2015 and describes it as “the coolest company I’d never heard of. It’s been an absolutely wonderful move because we’re doing amazing things.”

Intermedix is now impacting healthcare across the United States. The company is enhancing its technology-enabled services and more traditional analytics software solutions and services by working with customers to figure out the next generation of needs. Intermedix wants its customers to have real-time access to the most reliable information so they can better manage their practice or business. That means improving on the technology it already employs is a constant focus for Intermedix. 

“We have the potential of taking the services that we have and really refining the analytical component and data component,” Portice says. “There’s an opportunity here for a meaningful company to become even more meaningful. We’re starting the next phase of our lifecycle.”

In addition, the company provides many emergency solutions to more than 600 domestic and international government agencies and corporate entities in 26 countries. Portice sees the company playing an even bigger role in today’s world. With so many manmade and natural disasters happening around the globe, government agencies and foreign organizations can benefit from Intermedix’s incident and information management solutions such as emergency preparedness, disaster response and revenue recovery. “When I see these tragedies occurring across the globe, I realize how much we are able to help today and how much work we still have to do so we can continue to help out,” Portice says.

Significant Reach

Intermedix can influence adoption of its solution in a way that is hard for competitors to replicate thanks to its proprietary components. “I think the proprietary nature of our technology, the application of the data analytics and the use of it with the customer data sets, because we have such a wide client base, allows us even better usability and insight for the customer,” Portice explains. 

The subject matter expertise and overall dedication and passion seen throughout the company are other significant advantages for Intermedix. The company’s employees are extremely dedicated to customers and its ongoing goal to serve those who save lives. 

“We don’t see ourselves as a billion-dollar company, but as a data analytics software company that provides these technology-enabled services,” Portice adds. 

With a combination of passionate people and a huge market opportunity within the U.S. healthcare system, Intermedix emphasizes the innovation, efficiency and enhancement of the customer experience. Through this, the company can ensure each customer has the best experience when dealing with a variety of issues and it solves any problems that may crop up. 

“I’ve watched people use our tools to prepare for a natural disaster through the various administration, analytic and data management solutions so that they can continue to do what they do best,” Portice says. “And our commitment to innovation combined with our mission and passionate team is what makes us successful in all of these aspects.”

But every business encounters challenges. Market trends are an uncontrollable force, but Intermedix’s subject matter experts can anticipate them before they become problematic for the business. 

This can create other challenges, as Intermedix wants to ensure it’s retaining its experts while building out the team to bring in new perspectives. 

The company also has to ensure that it is focusing on the right technology advancements that will be well received and adopted easily by the customers, so it involves customers in the development process and relies heavily on them for feedback on its innovation initiatives. Intermedix wants its customers to rely and depend on the analytics and solutions the company will derive for them. 

“I’m always looking for good people. There are a number of things that are always on top of my mind: talent management, innovation, customer experience, retention and growth,” Portice says.

Brand Awareness

Most of Intermedix’s business comes from referrals, but the company is working hard on brand awareness. Portice doesn’t want anyone to be surprised by “the coolest company I’ve never heard of;” he wants them to already be aware of Intermedix. The company is refining its customer information to target new customer bases.

Additionally, thanks to its commitment to and obsession with innovation, Intermedix is working with customers on advisory levels to understand trends in the market and any gaps in knowledge, so nothing problematic occurs now or later. This also helps it target new customers if it knows what customers want in their solutions.

Plus, Intermedix has a wide-reaching, international company footprint. The company sees international growth as an opportunity. “We’ve already penetrated 26 countries, and now we are looking to identify how we can offer customers in those countries more solutions. The question today is, we know we have an international footprint, but how deep can we go in developing growth in the countries we already have a customer base?” Portice says. “Our solutions are proven to apply to the international space, which is why we have a focused international sales team and offices.”

Intermedix makes a difference for people in the healthcare industry, from emergency situations to helping physicians simply manage their practices better. “The fact that we live this mission to serve those that save lives, it’s so tangible and it gives me great pride to see how our solutions are used,” Portice says. “I’m proud to be associated with people who feel just as passionate about what we do. We come from this place of service and humility, and I’m proud of how our people live that on a day-to-day basis.” 

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