Founded in 1892, Assurant Health has offered healthcare insurance to consumers for more than 115 years. Today, the business continues to adapt to changing market conditions and is committed to helping consumers access affordable, quality healthcare.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Assurant Health employs approximately 2,000 people and is one of the four business segments of Assurant Inc. along with Assurant Solutions, Assurant Specialty Property and Assurant Employee Benefits. Assurant partners with leaders in various industries to provide specialized insurance products in the U.S. and select worldwide markets.

Assurant Health offers a variety of affordable healthcare products including major medical, supplemental and fixed-benefit plans for individuals, families and small employers. The company also provides services to help consumers manage their healthcare, including disease and care management, options for convenient access to healthcare, and access to third-party advocacy and payment negotiation services. Assurant Health’s products are underwritten and issued by John Alden Life Insurance Co., Union Security Insurance Co. and Time Insurance Co.

Adapting to the Market

In response to recent healthcare reforms and changing market conditions, Assurant Health strategically restructured its business operations last year, allowing the company to focus on providing better customer experiences while pursuing growth opportunities. New products and services will focus on meeting consumer needs for affordability and choice.

Assurant Health Access is a great example of how the company has innovated to provide affordable solutions for healthcare consumers. The plans offer cash benefits for preventive care and unexpected medical costs, such as inpatient hospitalization and surgeries. Unlike traditional plans, there are no deductibles so benefits start right away. Assurant Supplemental Coverage products – which include dental, critical illness and accident plans – are a good option to help bridge the gaps in traditional health plans and create more extensive protection. For individuals looking for strong financial protection, the company will continue to offer major medical plans like CoreMed and OneDeductible.

For small businesses, Assurant Health provides an array of health plan options offering flexibility and affordability. Its Real Choices portfolio allows small business owners to create a plan to meet their unique needs. The plans offer extensive networks to choose from and an independent advocacy service to help navigate the health care system.

Since business owners can choose and pay for the benefits that are most important to their group, they can get the coverage they want at an affordable price. For additional savings and tax advantages, Real Choices plans are also available with HSA (health savings account) and HRA (health reimbursement arrangement) options.

Beyond product offerings, Assurant Health also places a priority on delivering positive experiences to its customers. Assurant Health President and CEO Adam Lamnin has said that purchasing insurance shouldn’t have to be an ordeal and that it should be “quick, simple and personalized.” That is why Assurant Health offers many options for consumers to connect with the company, learn about available health plan offerings and purchase a plan. Individuals can choose to work with an independent agent or contact the company directly through

Assurant Health also works hard to establish a personal relationship with its customers. Many new customers receive a welcome call so they have an opportunity to ask questions and be reminded of important plan benefits and features.

After customers file their first claim, the company initiates another call to make sure customers understands how their claim was paid. For customers who prefer to receive information electronically, Assurant Health has recently begun to provide an “eDelivery” option for policies and policy information.

Agents of change

Assurant Health has a long history of partnering with agents, who play a critical role in helping consumers understand their options and in selecting a plan that is right for them. With the passage of healthcare reform, Assurant Health says it has taken the lead in showing agents a path forward to help them be successful in the new environment.

For example, innovative new products like Assurant Health Access and Assurant Supplemental Coverage allow agents to meet their clients’ needs while offering competitive compensation. The company also offers easy-to-use sales tools and support, and continues to enhance industry-leading technology like EASE (Electronic Agent Sales Experience). In February, the company introduced easy integrated selling of supplemental plans with either a major medical or Assurant Health Access plan – with just one application and no additional underwriting.

With the passage of healthcare reform, agents will play an even more vital role as consumers look to them to help them understand changes in the law and navigate the complexities of the modern healthcare system.

As many healthcare reform regulations are still being implemented and economic conditions are weak, many might wonder about the future of healthcare insurance. It is clear those companies that innovate, provide superior customer service and grow their customer base will succeed. Assurant Health says it is leading the way to providing access to convenient and affordable healthcare – ultimately seeking to protect not only financial security but also the health and well-being of its customers.

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