NOVADAQ Technologies Inc. is in the business of helping the medical industry provide patients with better care. “We show surgeons things that they’ve never seen before,” CEO Dr. Arun Menawat says. 

The company, which is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, with a United States office in Bonita Springs, Fla., provides fluorescence-imaging technology. “It allows them to do better surgeries and reduce the [number of] post-operative interventions,” Menawat says.

For example, NOVADAQ’s SPY Elite Imaging System enables doctors to make better decisions by capturing, reviewing and printing image sequences of blood flow in vessels and micro-vessels, and tissue and organ perfusion. And this all can be done as they perform the surgical procedures. 

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Healthfirst exists to serve its members. It was born out of the need to serve the diverse communities in New York by offering low-cost or free government-sponsored health insurance programs. Pat Wang, CEO of Healthfirst, created the company while working in health finance and policy at the Greater New York Hospital Association. Ten member hospitals were on the docket ready and willing to sponsor the plan, and the company officially launched in 1993 as a freestanding organization. 

Since Wang returned to Healthfirst as its CEO in 2008, the company’s revenue quadrupled to almost $8 billion and it now serves more than a million members. Plus, the company is the only five-star plan listed on the New York State of Health Exchange for Qualified Health Plans and Medicaid, and one of two four-star Medicare advantage HMOs in its market. 

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Years ago, physicians had to wait hours or even days to find out what kinds of infections were causing patients’ ailments. But Bruker Corp. has reduced that wait substantially with its MALDI Biotyper System, George Goedesky says. 

Thanks to the system, hospitals can “produce results in minutes, versus hours and days,” he declares. “We also can cut supply costs from 56 to 89 percent.”

Based in Billerica, Mass., Bruker provides instruments and analytical solutions that help scientists research life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels. Goedesky serves as the company’s vice president of the MALDI Biotyper. 

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B. Braun Medical Inc.’s goal is to help healthcare providers enhance safety and improve patient care while managing workflow efficiencies. B. Braun is a leader in infusion therapy and the market leader in regional anesthesia. The company offers products and services known for safety, sustainability, efficiency and high-quality standards.

“The products manufactured and services offered today are the focus of our business for years to come,” says Corporate Vice President Scott Quilty. “As we invest in incremental capacity and innovation, we believe we know precisely where to concentrate our capital to meet our customer’s needs. This focused investment will contribute, in a very important way, to our continued success in the U.S. and beyond.”

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Providing healthcare linen services to more than 4,000 customers across the United States, Angelica Corp. is the largest and longest-serving company in its market. Angelica has taken a position of market leadership by providing superior product and service quality.

“That is easy for anyone to claim, but it is harder to actually execute while delivering more than a billion pieces of linen per year,” President and CEO David Van Vliet says. “This is not a service that can be imported as we pick up soiled linen daily, replace it with clean linen and process the soiled linen for a return to the medical provider.”

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Providence Health & Services has been responding to the changing needs of the healthcare industry over the past 10 years. Its vision and core strategic plan focus on transforming, innovating and improving the health of entire populations. “We are continuing to improve quality and reduce cost so that we can provide alternatives to the patient for care outside of the hospital,” Vice President Supply Chain Management Dave Hunter says.

As the third-largest nonprofit Catholic healthcare system in the United States, Providence is committed to providing for the needs of its communities – especially those who are poor and vulnerable – across Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The organization staffs 76,000 caregivers who serve in acute care, physician clinics, long-term and assisted living, palliative and hospice care, home health, supportive nursing and education.

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Prista Corp. may be a relatively new firm that is not as well-known as some brand names, but it should not be underestimated when it comes to innovation, co-founder and President Don Jarrell says. “It’s been true as long as there’s been technology that the big companies ... are not the ones innovating,” he declares. 

Austin, Texas-based Prista provides integrated risk, quality and performance improvement software for healthcare executives, risk/quality managers and clinical staffs. Its flagship product is its ActionCue Clinical Intelligence Application, which is used by 160 facilities in 22 states.

Jarrell, who has more than 30 years of technology experience, explains that Prista grew from a product that he created for its co-founder, Chief Mission Officer Billie Anne Schoppman. “[She] has been in healthcare for all of her career,” Jarrell says.

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The healthcare industry is going through some seismic changes, and these changes are altering the landscape of the marketplace in a way that’s virtually unprecedented. As healthcare organizations become more integrated across the board, their suppliers have to change with them and adapt to the shifting conditions in the industry. Perhaps no player in the entire healthcare system has more opportunity to align with these changes than Cardinal Health Inc. because, as Chairman and CEO George Barrett explains, the scope of Cardinal Health’s operations puts it in touch with an enormous cross-section of the industry. 

“I’m not sure there’s any company in healthcare that has a broader reach across the industry than Cardinal Health,” Barrett says. “We really touch every part of the healthcare system, and this gives us a great line of sight through to a system that’s going through a lot of changes.” 

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