Based in Mattawan, Mich., MPI Research is a global leader in providing preclinical research and clinical support and development services. It offers drug safety evaluation services, medical device evaluation, bioanalytical and analytical testing, and it has a Discovery Center that offers experimental therapeutics, experimental surgery, molecular imaging, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and immunology. 

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There is not cure for cancer—yet. But Spectrum Pharmaceuticals’ Dr. Rajesh Shrotriya said that doesn’t mean progress isn’t being made. His biopharmaceutical company is focused on providing medicine that can make a difference in the hopes of bringing the medical community one step closer to a cure.

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Washington-based Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories (PAML) was founded as a regional pathology-owned clinical laboratory more than 30 years ago. Since then, the company has been sold to the local hospital system, yet it continues to grow and expand into markets further east. About 17 years ago, PAML underwent a change in its business model and took a more direct approach to serving hospitals and physicians throughout the country. 

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The last 12 months or so have been kind toSXC Health Solutions. It acquired MedFusion, a specialty pharmaceutical management company, in December with no debt, leaving it $300 million in cash on its balance sheet. It issued a mid-term plan for 2011 that was well-received by investors and has strengthened its position as a leader in the pharmacy supply chain management sector.

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Any company can deliver products and services to the homes of its customers, but it takes more to deliver compassion, education, and attentive care to a patient in need of healthcare service, according to Orsini Healthcare’s COO, Michael Fieri. That’s why this home service/pharmaceutical provider has created a service model and mission that focuses as much on patient wellness as it does on customer satisfaction.

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Many companies are quick to dust off the marketing handbook and break out phrases like "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" or "breakthrough technology." Usually it's all talk, but in the case of Celleration, a Minnesota-based medical device company, referring to its new wound healing device as exciting may actually be an understatement.

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Each year, an array of innovative technology is introduced to the world of medicine, allowing physicians to provide better care to their patients. Among this technology is a design called intelligent medicine, which refers to the ability to imbed computers and sensors inside ingested medications and implanted medical devices. When an individual swallows his or her medication, the sensor links to a patch on the patient’s skin, delivering information about when the medicine was taken and its effect. The data can be delivered to a mobile phone or computer. 

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By targeting small cities, like Billings, Mo., Fargo, ND, and Sioux Falls, SD, Dave Larson is expanding the medical equipment and supplies distribution company he inherited without biting off more than he can chew. “Larger companies focus on bigger cities, like Denver, Minneapolis, and Omaha, but that doesn’t align with our strategy or size right now,” said Larson, president, CEO, and owner of the Sioux Falls-based company.  

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