Every reform comes with its leaders. Accountable Care Organizations may have been the healthcare industry’s buzzword of 2011, but the philosophy of managed care has existed for decades. Likewise, home healthcare recently made its national debut but organizations such as hospices have long used the model to practice end-of-life care.

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When people go to hospitals, they do not expect to be in a place that can possibly make them sicker. But without the proper cleaning practices, such risks are possible. That is where Xanitos can help, according to CEO and founder Graeme Crothall. The Newton Square, Pa.-based firm offers hospital housekeeping services that lower the risk of healthcare associated infections (HAIs), and improve efficiency. A longtime veteran of the industry, Crothall founded Xanitos in 2008.

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A healthcare provider is receiving a man in a hospital emergency room who has displayed signs of a seizure-related illness. But before he can be admitted, he falls to the floor and begins experiencing a full-blown seizure. The provider at first is uncertain as to the course of action, and valuable moments are lost. But before the patient is too incapacitated, he suddenly stops and sits up. Fortunately, it turns out he is an actor in a medical simulation training facility.

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Stuart Murray thinks healthcare providers need to look at the long-term view instead of just their immediate bottom line, and he thinks his company is just the right partner to help them do it. Murray, who holds a Ph.D. in psychology and business, has spent more than 30 years running or assisting companies in a variety of industries, helping companies transform to meet changing demands. Murray is also the CEO of Angelica Corp., the nation’s leading linen management company for the healthcare industry.

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The ideal time to comply with government regulations is well before they are enforced. Oftentimes, regulations follow already leading trends, which means that companies who stay ahead of their industry’s needs might already be in compliance prior to a regulation’s passing and well before its enforcement. Regulations also tend to come with new costs, maybe not long term, but definitely upfront. So companies have to figure out how to comply in the most economically feasible manner that doesn’t detract from the quality of their service or product.

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Ann Bilyew, CEO of MDeverywhere, runs a complex business with a simple mission: to increase revenues for physicians. Founded in 2003, the Boston-based company with offices in Hauppauge, N.Y., Raleigh, N.C. and Noida, India, operates as a full-service revenue cycle generator. Clients include solo practices, group practices and large faculty practices in more than 60 different specialties. MDeverywhere provides services for more than 2,500 physicians nationwide and, as Bilyew explains, those numbers are growing. 

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President Bret Morris believes increasing communication between management and personnel has done wonders for Health Net of Arizona’s overall well-being. Part of the Health Net family of health insurance companies, the provider has been serving the needs of Arizona’s citizens since 1981. Since Morris was named president in May 2010, the company has increased its membership by an impressive 46 percent. Health Net of Arizona serves approximately 166,000 members together with Health Net Life Insurance Co. and provides a variety of health care and specialty plans, including coverage for vision, dental, chiropractic, and alternative medicine, as well as life insurance.

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Founded in 1892, Assurant Health has offered healthcare insurance to consumers for more than 115 years. Today, the business continues to adapt to changing market conditions and is committed to helping consumers access affordable, quality healthcare.

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