J. Knipper and Co. has taken a long and winding road to becoming known as the leader in sample compliance, direct marketing and fulfillment to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The company’s founders, Joe and Jim Knipper, started out with a manufacturing company called JK Pharmaceuticals. When they got involved in direct shipping and promotional goods to support their products, other pharmaceutical companies began to ask them for help with their marketing and fulfillment needs. J. Knipper and Company Inc. was born in 1986, dedicated to direct mail and fulfillment services for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Quickly becoming a go-to vendor for many customers, it grew into one of the top service providers for the pharma industry. This attracted the attention of McKesson in the mid-’90s, which acquired Knipper and formed a pharma services consortium called McKesson Pharmaceuticals Partners Group (MPPG). 

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This past February, Banner Health and the University of Arizona Health Network (UAHN) finalized a merger that brought the university’s two academic medical centers into the Banner Health organization, which already had 26 hospitals and numerous specialized facilities spread across seven western states. The move was mutually beneficial for both organizations, explains Banner Health Senior Director of Contracting Mike Halmrast, because UAHN benefits from the resources and profile of Banner Health and Banner Health gains a greater academic presence.

Although Banner Health did have a residency and teaching program at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, the addition of UAHN creates a comprehensive academic medicine enterprise and statewide health system, which will train more physicians and health professionals and allow greater collaboration among medical professionals. Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations Tim Miller says the opportunity made sense because it combines Banner Health’s reputation for clinical quality with the excellence and research of academic medicine for the benefit of patients in Arizona. 

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When it began operations in 1996, Acadiana Management Group (AMG) was a small company focused mainly on outpatient healthcare. But in 2003, AMG was presented with an opportunity to own and manage inpatient physical rehabilitation hospitals, which quickly evolved into long-term acute care (LTAC) facilities. 

“This has been the crux of AMG’s dramatic growth over the last decade,” President Gus Rantz IV says.  

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Opened in 1986 on a 94-acre campus, Palms West Hospital has become known for providing quality healthcare and innovative services. With more than 200 beds today, Palms West serves around 83,000 patients a year.

Located in the western portion of Florida’s Palm Beach County, the hospital’s primary service area has an average age that is younger than most of the county. Although Palms West has robust and diverse service offerings, treating a younger demographic that features families with children means that pediatrics has been key part of the hospital’s success.

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As the first and largest chiropractic college in the nation, Palmer College of Chiropractic has a name that carries a lot of prestige. Chancellor Dr. Dennis Marchiori says that it’s not uncommon to see Palmer graduates mention the school by name in their advertisements. “They are proud of it; it is a note of distinction,” he says. “That’s just something you don’t see at a lot of institutions.”

Since taking the role of chancellor about three years ago, Dr. Marchiori has been engaged in an initiative to further enhance the school’s reputation and solidify its position as a thought leader in the field of chiropractic. This has involved tangible things such as making sure the school’s three campuses have the latest technology and the best available classroom facilities, but it also includes intangible efforts such as rebranding and developing a stronger identity for the institution.

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Andrew S. Kohlberg, Kisco Senior Living founder, president and CEO, came to senior living communities from an unusual previous occupation: he was a professional tennis player. What made Kohlberg go from playing on the courts to owning and managing residential communities for seniors was the opportunity to make a difference.

“I wanted to own and operate communities that would focus on residents’ satisfaction,” Kohlberg says. “I wanted to start communities where I would feel comfortable if my own parents moved in.”

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The days of blockbuster drugs that everyone uses are waning as the healthcare industry moves to a model of more specialty drugs taken by smaller groups of patients. These are the changes that H. D. Smith sees in the healthcare industry’s future and are instrumental in the company’s recent diversification into offering patient support.

In addition to distributing drugs to independent pharmacies nationwide, H. D. Smith Specialty Solutions is taking a proactive approach to matching the dynamics of the healthcare market so patients can have better outcomes. “The whole healthcare market is going through a major transformation,” H. D. Smith Specialty Solutions President Joe Conda explains. “If you look at it today, it focuses on disease symptom management moving from disease cure to disease prevention, where one size no longer fits all for the cure. Patients are transitioning from simple therapies, such as taking Lipitor, to more complex regimens and personalized medicine. We’ve been trying to take a very proactive approach to remain current with the dynamics of the market and to provide those services and access to products so the patients can have better outcomes. The currency is not so much around the product; it’s around the information that comes with these services that we offer.”

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In any industry, customer service is important. But for the Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation, it is even more critical because patients come looking for not only healing and compassion, but for outstanding rehabilitation services following a hospital stay or surgical procedure. “We always focus our attention on commitment to personalized care and the patient experience,” CEO Robert Baranello says.

Located in Woodbury, N.Y., Cold Spring Hills provides clinical and rehabilitation services to more than 1,500 patients per year in a 605-bed, recently renovated and modernized facility. The center started operations over 50 years ago and today is part of National HealthCare Associates Inc. Cold Spring Hills is one of the largest nursing homes on Long Island, situated on a 12 residential acres.

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