After the Deficit Reduction Act went into effect in January 2007, American radiology providers had to scramble to deal with cuts in Medicare reimbursement that were as high as 37% on the technical portion of some procedures. In California, Truxtun Radiology Medical Group’s method of dealing with the cuts was not to go on the defensive. Instead, it continued to attack the market with the same gusto that made it the leading provider in the market. 

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American Esoteric Laboratories (AEL) of Memphis, Tenn. will soon be operating out of the largest independent lab facility in the state, but it came from humble beginnings. John Mazzei said the company’s tradition of high quality service at the local level will guide it through the myriad challenges ahead.

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Harvey Hall founded Hall Ambulance Service in 1971 after he spent 10 years managing operations at another local ambulance organization in his community. After working for a decade with the prior company, he said it became apparent to him that the city of Bakersfield, Calif. could benefit from a second service provider. Confident in his abilities and experience, he was more than up to the task. 

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Founded in 2002, Healthation has always had ambitious goals. Back when EMR was still a rare find in American hospitals, this Illinois software firm promised to develop a flexible, rules-based enterprise payor system across all lines of healthcare business. Today, its customers, who are insurance providers, benefits managers, and third-party plan administrators in all healthcare sectors, enjoy just such a system.

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In the last few years, Intermountain Healthcare, a nonprofit coordinated health delivery company comprised of a health plan, hospitals, clinics, and a medical group, has received a great deal of recognition as a model for healthcare in the US. Pat Richards, president and CEO of Intermountain’s health plan SelectHealth, said coordinated care from nonprofit organizations is the wave of the future for healthcare in this country.

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There have been lots of lobbyists in Washington, DC for the past year talking to senators and representatives about healthcare reform and what the best options for the country are. Among them has been a team representing a young managed care health plan from Boston, Mass. called Senior Whole Health educating Congress about the benefits this plan provides its Medicaid and Medicare users in Massachusetts and New York.

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Kansas City, Mo.-based software company Health Outcomes Sciences (HOS) has developed a product that can help healthcare providers improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction while protecting their organizations against costly audits. The software, called ePrism, works by generating predictive risk models at the point of care.

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IntraNexus was established in 1992 and originally operated as a consulting firm, but its focus began to shift before too long, when its team realized there was significant demand in the healthcare market for a comprehensive IT solution. In 2000, the Virginia-based company introduced Sapphire, a system designed to help hospitals improve operating efficiencies.

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